Green Paradise


Established in 2021, we’re a yield-generating deflationary charity token and community driven; with an aim – preserve the environment, through continuous community integration, and donate to organisations worldwide supporting and fighting for the same cause .


Fight climate change

Every year due to climate change we lose 10 million hectares of forest cover, donation from our end will go to organisations which focuses on reversing the lost forest cover and increase the efforts to reduce forest degradation. 

Deadly Forest Fire

Forest Fire Relief

Every year approximately 70,000 wildfires occur, which burns an estimated 12 to 150 acres of forest cover per fire. We as a community stand to support the affected areas by donating a part from our charity wallet.

Tree of LIFE

Through careful planning, trees can be an asset to our entire community. They provide us improved air quality, gives oxygen, and much more. The world is in urgent need to focus on afforestation and reforestation at a large scale. We strive to help the organisations focused on planting more trees.


Welcome to Green Earthonomics.

Scared about the total supply?

Don’t worry, we have 30% initial burn which reduces it to 70%. Our focus on charity will be taken care by 5% of total supply. Marketing wallet funds goes towards promotions, advertisements and exchange listings. The team holds 7% for future developments and integrations.


For the complete safety of our community members, we have burned the LP tokens and also renounced the ownership, which bring the whole power in the hands of Green Paradise community members.



Coming soon. Stay Tuned.

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